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On this page you will find answers to various questions raised during our activities with customers .
If you have any further questions you can contact us and we will be happy to answer you personally and to update the information for all other customers:

What is Administrative guidance?
This is a joint working process that allows the manager to organize and benefit from a range of knowledge, accumulated experience and different perspectives, to develop management tools in order to promote work interfaces and organizational work processes.

What is the role of the manager mentor?
  There are several roles for manager mentor including targeting management activities implemented in the process into operational tasks to achieve short and long term goals.

When will I know if I need an Administrative guidance process?
  If you have the fe eli ng that all eyes are looking on you, but on the other hand you want someone more experienced to think and debate on new management tools in order to promote your business, Administrative guidance process can be the answer for you.

How business development can contribute to my business?
  In business development process we combine between operational, marketing and financial activities in the business in order to improve performance and increase profitability.

How long does the process continue and when I can see results?
  The work process based on tasks and work program determined with the client and the results depend on the ability to implement. Implementation will lead to results in the short, medium and long term.

There are many consultants in the market. Why to choose Rotem Business Development?
  There are three main criteria for selecting a consultant and manager mentor. In Rotem Business Development we enable cust omer s to benefit from collaboration between professionals in order to produce a higher value in the guidance process.

What is the difference between a business coach business consultant and a management mentor?
  Comparison between a business coacher , management mentor and business consultant focus on five different channels: on the one hand relating to the client and his needs and on the other hand the activity that the service providers can offer.

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