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"Rotem Business Development" is proud to present our SOHO Division (Small office/ Home office). SOHO division specializes in providing targeted and creative response to your specific needs , small and medium businesses owners. For us, as for you, your business is your "baby" - a world of opportunities and business prosperity .

If you run a small business , you deal daily with the " one man band ". Your goal is to produce a symphony, even if only one person is playing it . To do so, you need a lot of courage , initiative , motivation and perseverance . Rotem's SOHO Division stand by your side during the challenging steps, and help you lead your business forward, so that you will be able to produce a symphony

Own a startup? Excellent! SOHO division specializes in the development of a business model for startups.

The Division activities focuses on business development and administrative guidance, which combine intra and extra-organizational activities in order to achieve results on three main levels:

Operational level - more efficient work processes.
Marketing level - increasing business exposure.
Financial level - improving profitability.
As part of the division we offer various of direct services especially to SMBs and startup companies:

Information and FAQ
Questions and answers online - via our Facebook page, we invite you to take part in discussions on various issues and exchange info rmation and knowledge with our consultants and other businesses owners.
Financing - Since we are aware of the budget difficulty we offer to consider the possibility of subsidizing the costs of counseling via the Ministry of Economy "Business Mentoring Project "

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