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"Rotem Business Development " provides professional and personal business consulting to people like you with small and medium business in order to fulfill your business potential and to get optimal business acheivements in the best way . For " Rotem" , every business is the entire world , and it is important for us to support it at every stage , whether it is a well-established business or a new innovative start-up.
Your success is our success.

Every business has its strengths . What are your strengths ? Is it recognized by your customers? ? By utilizing Collaborative processes of learning and understanding , we focus on and empower your strengths , strengthen the weak aspects and help your business grow and prosper in the way it deserves .
Our consultants will be happy to accompany you at every step of the process , and provide you with appropriate counseling needs. Among the services we provide:

Business Development

Administrative Guidance
Business strategy
Building a business model and analysis of international target markets for Startups
Consultation to family business
Consultation process management channel substitution
Analysis of work processes
Strategic Project Management
  and many more services

Among our customers you will find public organizations (The Ministry of Economy, The Ministry of Education, Institute of Export, etc.), banks, companies and privet sector organizations (DSM Ltd, Ornetpower Ltd., Marmanet Inc., etc.) and also small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Your "baby" is in good hands
Your business is your "baby". We in "Rotem" understand this, and therefore we offer you a comprehensive service tailored to your business. We formulate, together with you the business model for your business, and together we will ensure that the strategic plan will not stay on paper in the boardroom, but will be implemented and lead to successes.

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