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Applied to several consultants to date? How many Business Plans & Presentations you have on your shelf?
Most managers in the State of Israel (75%) are not satisfied from the business processes of consultation that they gone through because of one main reason: the business consulting companies lack the function that executes the business consulting and/ or the business plan to a working plan and business results.
Rotem Business Development specializes in executing the business strategy and business plan. We define a clear targeted working program combined with managerial personal escort, which lead to a successful implementation.
We b eli eve this strategy is not only a vision.

When is the last time you looked inside your business? Did you like what you found in your business?
Rotem's Business Development team will help you to reevaluate the business achievements in light of its strategic goals. Using work process that combine business planning among other tools that fits the unique nature of your activity we, together with you, be able to enhance the development, growt h a nd improved profitability of your business.

Senior managers indicate that the managerial function makes them feel lonely - Do you feel the same?
Accompaniment Management is one of the Rotem Business Development specialties. We are aware of manager's lon eli ness. With us you will not feel alone.

Do you know what you really sell? Do you really know what your customer buys from you?
In Rotem Business Development we think that the product is just "an excuse", so if you think your pizzeria sells only pizza and if you think your store just selling computers you need to click here.

Are you ready to earn more?
Click here to begin leading your business to the next level of success!



Did you develop a technological product or a new application and you are wondering how to market it and how to make money from it ?
You stand just before a meeting with investors and need to know how much your venture worth?

Rotem Business Development specialize in preparing a business model dedicated to startups . Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of Rotem Business Development business model .

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