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If you want to bring your business to success, ”Rotem” Is the right place for you: In “ Rotem Business Development” we will give you the optimal conditions for realization of business prosperity you always wished. Feel ing your business needs a change, extension , refreshment , inspiration? With professional advice from “Rotem Business Development” consultants, and the right personal guidance your business will prosper, as you've always wished.

“Rotem Business Development”, practice is the key word: We will identify the exact needs of your business and its compatitive advantage in the market and give you practical management tools to confront challenges along the way. All this will be performed utilizing full transparency and full cooperation with you.

Our rich experience d staff will provide you with operational, effective and fast solutions , with flexible schedules and in full compliance with your needs.

Our products include:

Administrative Guidance
SMB's owners - we will assist you in business and personal branding and differentiation, management and customer relationships and preservation, analyzed and e fficiencient work processes, costing, analysis of target markets and potential target audiences, improved profitability, and more.
Family business owners or transition management intergenerational buisiness - We will guidance you throgh all the details, large and small , we will bridge between the different management approaches in the process and formulate internal organization implementation plan so that the organization will not experience unnecessary shocks.

International market analysis and business model to Startup
“Rotem Business Development” collaboration with “Gaia VSM” specializes in providing professional assistance to Startups. Our services include: market analysis using a unique model developed by “Gaia Market Research”, identifying potential markets and consolidation of the success keys, building a business model and examining the ROI and writing a business plan to investors (in English). We offer a modular and comprehensive strategy solution that will launch your startup.

Representation on boards of directors
Ayelet Rotem, owner and director of “Rotem Business Development” participated on several boards of directors in companies and organizations as an external director and independent director. Ayelet is expert and experienced in formulating business strategy , setting goals and performance measures and organizational formulating master plans. Also, Ayelet , has a BA in business and MBA with honors, graduated course for Directors and Officers in “Faculty of Management” at Tel Aviv University .
Ayelet will be happy to join the staff of your organization Board and to contribute her experience to promote the business and the company.

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